Logo Design is not only an artistic expression of a company’s brand, but it closely communicates to the world on how the company wants to be perceived. We recognize company branding at a glance just by seeing their logo. From McDonald’s Golden Arches to Nike’s simplistic Swoosh. But sometimes it’s not always as straight forward as creating a memorable icon. Most Logo Design happens on a smaller, local scale. Which still requires research, and market familiarization. A good designer has to learn about the company, study their competitors, understand what works and what doesn’t. From color harmony to universal brand appeal. Time put into your Logo creation is investing into your company’s future potential and growth. Never underestimate the power of a good logo.


Creating A Logo From Scratch

First Round Sketch Ideas Based On Market Research

Second Logo Meeting With Client Covers “Likes” and “Dislikes” From First Round Logo Sketches. This Stage of Communication Improves Client’s Overall Satisfaction With Final Logo Design

New Logo Direction Based On Notes From Second Meeting

Finalized Logo To Launch Campaign

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