Brand Building is Fun! Especially when you get to sample the products.  When we approach a project, the end goal is to always shoot for the moon, regardless of the product.  Why take a small “Mom & Pop” operation and continue to brand them so they “Look like a Mom & Pop?”  Seems like if that’s what they were going for, they wouldn’t have invested in a branding campaign or attempted to professionally update their logo.  We always design so that the end product could fit right in on the store shelves.  This takes tons of research and overall market knowledge.

However, sometimes it’s just plain ol’ INSPIRATION! When you get inspired it hits you like a lightning bolt of creativity and you just have to go for it! “WHOA! Toffee” is inspirational in every sense of the word.

How to Build-A-Brand


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Fun & Flavorful Design Fits With “Look & Feel” of Candy Industry

CNC Machine Aluminum Bar Blanks to Create Silicone Molds

Branded Toffee Bars Made in Food Grade Silicone Molds

Packaging Options for Retail, Hospitality and Gift Baskets

Create Web & Printed Collateral