We are a dynamic fabrication and design studio that is setting the stage for revolutionary green product developments. Our vision and long term goals are focused on sustainability, resourcefulness and creating a meaningful impact on the world around us. Change is inevitable, and we aspire to be on the forefront of that change. Either through thoughts or actions, we motivate and inspire those around us to change for the better, for our future.

Living a clean, healthy lifestyle is paramount to overall abundance and longevity. Just saying you are healthy is easier than actually living it. Certain sacrifices have to be made as well as acknowledging there is something wrong with the status quo. Like many Americans, I started off my life with a sweet tooth, and ate what everybody else ate. Fast food, fried foods and gallons of soda per week. My health declined, and I started getting pudgy. Not a good look for someone who once received a full ride scholarship to college for Track & Field. Something had to change... Everything had to change. My attitude towards life, food and commitments to a new lifestyle. I can’t be a hypocrite and talk about ecology, saving the planet and resources when I’m head deep into a consumerism lifestyle as well.

I encourage everyone on my team to re-evaluate their eating choices. Cutting out sugar for just one week seems to be the hardest for people to complete. But when they manage to succeed, they realize that it was an addiction that consumed their life, and they gradually lose their desire for sweets. It’s a simple mental exercise that puts them back into control of their eating habits. It opens a dialog about nutrition overall well being. Humans weren’t mean to live in a state of Dis-Ease. We have the power of choice. We have the power of health.

40th Birthday Photo!